One day in February.


You know I hate hearts.
I would rather have circles.
They last forever.


I’m more beautiful and full of inspiration than ever before.
The silence is over, and baby,
I’m back.




Hell....oh stalkers.

May God bless all of you.

*waving with my middle finger*

Stupid Thief.


February 10, 1999 - 7.12am
The day that I was in accident.
Got 5 stitches at my right eye.


February 11, 2012, 7.12am
My Handsome car got sodomy.
I was as usual jogging to get fit again.
They got nothing after their brother (master of thief) hit them because they got wrong person to rob.
Haha. Dont play with me okay. I knew all the thief.
Finally, they posted back all my documents.




I can jogging like always.
No worries anymore.

Thank alot to Mr Nathan -postmen who called Honda's person to tell that he have all my documents.
Thanks sir! May God blessed you and family. Thanks again.

Bitch, please.


I hate people who have mouths. Who can talk. I wish words didn’t mean so much. I wish it wouldn’t cause me to hate anything. At the same time, without talking, there would be silence. Sometimes the silence is good between two. I hate when ignorant people talk and they have no freaking clue what they are talking about and they try to make it sound smart. Just stop! It’s not! Shut the fuck up!

Stop acting like you’re that poor-orphan-beaten-by-an-alcoholic-step-father or something when you’re not. Give yourself a slap in the face. Or a kick up your ass. Live your life. Shut the fuck-of-hell up.

My work here is done. I quit. Like a bawss. FY!